Selected Publications

Nils Roemer, Sven Müller, Guido Voigt (2023): A choice-based optimization approach for contracting in supply chains,
European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 305, Issue 1, 271-286

Tscharaktschiew, S., Müller, S. (2021): Ride to the hills, ride to your school: Physical effort and mode choice. Transportation Research D 98, 102983. 

Haase, K., Kasper, M., Koch, M., Müller, S. (2019): A pilgrim scheduling approach to increase safety during the Hajj. Operations Research 67(2), 376-406.

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What we do

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Research at the Data & Business Analytics Lab brings together the analysis and optimization of operational processes and structures with related data-driven and analytical work combining perspectives of different scientific disciplines and bridging between fundamental and applied work.

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Univ.-Prof. Dr.
Sven Müller

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